For the past year since opening, Put-in-Bay Swipe Right Pizza has been serving delicious pizza and great food in Put-in-Bay Ohio. We are located next to Joe's Bar on Put-in-Bay's southern end. State Park campers and Island Club house renters love our convenient location. We continue to be popular with locals and tourists, so much so that Putinbay.com's fans voted Put-in-Bay Swipe Right Pizza as the Best Pizza on Put-in-Bay last year! We are proud of our menu and encourage you to try our delicious new pizza this year with better crusts and better pepperoni! But don't take other people's word for it... come in and eat it for yourselves. Or call us for free delivery! (419) 742-9222

How Are We Different?

Hey... we love to make pizza! Fresh ingredients and a unique and innovative menu are some of the best reasons for Put-in-Bay Swipe Right Pizza's great taste. Our secret sauce recipe comes from a small family-owned chain in central Ohio. The owners have brought their small town favorites here to Put-in_Bay for everyone to enjoy. We use the freshest high-quality cheeses and toppings, and use 100% whole milk mozzarella. We also have vegetarian pizzas to round out our menu.